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Are you fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation?

Does everyone in your organisation understand the rules for dealing with personal data?

Every organisation now has to know what it can and cannot do with personal data and must inform its clients of their rights. Whatever the nature of your business, if you hold or use personal data, you must comply with the Regulation.

A single misuse of personal data can seriously damage the organisation’s reputation and put you at risk of a fine.

Roddick Data Protection Limited advises organisations on all data matters and helps them become fully compliant with data protection law. Making simple, straightforward changes to working practices improves business relationships and reputation. By providing a service that is tailored to suit the organisation, Roddick Data Protection Limited provides practical support to ensure that everyone in the organisation understands the rules and avoids data breaches.


Roddick Data Protection Limited is registered in England and Wales under company number
12440222. Helen Roddick is a qualified barrister in England and Wales and a qualified Data Protection Practitioner with PC.dp. (GDPR) status, certified by PDP.